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מה חדש?

לרכישה בחו"ל

לרכישה בישראל
במחיר 80 ש"ח
כולל מע"מ ומשלוח

The Core Technique
for Practical
Unarmed Combat

By Moshe
Feldenkrais, D.Sc
Foreword by
Moti Nativ


התחברות לחברים






Natascha and Moti
October 2013


Shihan Natascha Morgan and Shihan Moti Nativ
will hold a Joined TaiKai in Israel.

Moti and Natascha will combine the knowledge of all
nine schools demonstrating the power
of the bujinkan cohesive art

The seminar will be held at the Wingate Institute on the following dates:

Thursday, Oct. 10 - 2013 - 19:15 to 22:00
Friday, Oct. 11 - 2013 - 10:00 to 16:00
Saturday, Oct. 12 - 2013 - 10:00 to 16:00




Prices: in ILS
  Prior Sep. 1 - 2013 During Sep. 2013 After
Sep.30 - 2013
Regular price 430 480 580
Under 16 or students 400 450 550
Members with valid 2013 Bujinkan Japan cards 400 450 550
Registration for
Thursday only
120 150 200
Registration Friday only 200 240 300
Registration Saturday
200 240 300

Prices: in Euro
  Prior Sep. 1 - 2013 During Sep. 2013 After
Sep.30 - 2013
Regular price 90 100 121
Under 16 or students 83 94 115
Members with valid 2013 Bujinkan Japan cards 83 94 115
Registration for
Thursday only
25 31 42
Registration Friday only 42 50 63
Registration Saturday
42 50 63

Register and organization:
We begin on Thursday at 19:15, at the Judo
achievements building, Wingate institute.
Try your best to arrive ahead of time so you would have enough time to register and get organized. We will be there from 18:00 to welcome you.

Parking costs 15 NIS a day. There is an option to park outside
Wingate Institute for free .

You can shoot stills, but there is a ban on video.
Anyone who filmed should come to Ronen at the end of each day  so we could download the photos as well.

Tai Kai-shirts:
Each participant will receive one free shirt. If you wish to order additional shirts, you may add your order on the registration form or send us an email no later than Sep. 15 - 2013.
Pre-orderd shirts will be sold at 40 NIS/  8.5 EUR per shirt
If we will have extra shirts in stock, we will offer them in the Tai Kai at 50 NIS/ 10.5 EUR per shirt.

Food and Drinks:
On Friday it will be possible to purchase soft drinks and food in the
Wingate campus cafeteria .
You can also pre-order lunch in the dining room of Wingate (Saturday and Sunday) – Please contact Ronen for more information (+972-54-4603749)

What to bring:
All your weapon arsenal.  

Please follow the rules and make sure you ensure the security of your friends,
in every technique and every movement, running empty handed or with weapons.  We will not allow the use of metal weapons (except Demos).
If possible, use padded weapons. Please note that there will be many trainers around and workout space may change at any moment.

Please note that the seminar will send updates to the mailing list of all registered to our website only, so, if you are not
yet registered, register now: here.
After the workshop, you can request to remove your address from our mailing list.

Registration requires:

Pay the price that matches your status according to the table above by PayPal - to OR - write a check, named for Moti Nativ only, sent to Moti Nativ, 33/2 Kehilat Lodge St. Tel-Aviv 69723 Israel

2. Filling out the registration form that appears at the end of this page and sending it.

Confirmation email will be sent back. If you do not receive confirmation within 72 hours of submitting the form, please contact us.

The checks will be held by us until one week before the TaiKai and than it will be deposited.

Full registration requires both filling and sending the registration form herein AND paying the registration fee in advance but notice: Registration date will be considered according to the PayPal payment date or postal date on the check's envelop, NOT the registration form sending date so pay or send your envelops in time to get the matching price.

Cancellation of registration:
Unsubscribe to Sep. 1 - 2013 - Full refund.
fee after Sep. 1 - 2013 -  50 NIS.
Refund checks will be sent by mail during two weeks after the TaiKai.
Registration can be replaced with someone who has not yet registered at the 
responsibility of the registrant and avoid paying cancellation fees.

You can cancel via a phone call with Ronen at +972-54-4603749 or email to

For help with accommodations or any other issue,
please contact Ronen:


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