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לקבלת עדכונים שוטפים,
אני מזמין אתכם להרשם
לאתר שלנו ולהצטרף
( ללא חשש )
לרשימת התפוצה.



מה חדש?

לרכישה בחו"ל

לרכישה בישראל
במחיר 80 ש"ח
כולל מע"מ ומשלוח

The Core Technique
for Practical
Unarmed Combat

By Moshe
Feldenkrais, D.Sc
Foreword by
Moti Nativ


התחברות לחברים



Warrior's Awareness

Carry Happiness and
Peace with your
Martial Arts 

Shiki Dojo

Warrior’s Awareness – with Hatsumi Sensei
Japan, June 2009
I set three goals for my trip to Japan.  First, as always, and the most important was to meet Hatsumi Sensei and recharge the batteries of my soul. Second, to meet colleagues from the Japanese Feldenkrais community. Third, to fill some gaps in Kukishin Ryu Rokushaku BoJutsu.
I accomplished all of those, and was fortunate that in this short time I also visited the Kodokan. I had great meeting with the curator of the Kodokan Museum and Library, we shared a lot of information. He was very happy to hear some details about the meeting between Pro. Jigoro Kano with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in Paris, September 1933.
The conversations with Hatsumi Sensei were a continuation of our December 2008 talks. Hatsumi expanded his explanation about Awareness and wrote the name Bujinkan Shiki Dojo for me. We also talked about Warrior’s Awareness and Soke wrote the words in a unique way that expresses the positive and non-violence approach of the warrior. He added, in calligraphy, “Carry Happiness and Peace with your Martial Arts”.
Hatsumi was happy to meet me and we exchanged small gifts. He brought two short Bamboo sticks, 200 years old, to the Dojo and gave me one to take home.
As usual the training was most educational. It was fascinating to watch once more the skills of the old/young master and much fun listening to Hatsumi’s thunder laughs.
I share with you Hatsumi’s Calligraphies.
Thanks and keep on going,


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