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כולל מע"מ ומשלוח

The Core Technique
for Practical
Unarmed Combat

By Moshe
Feldenkrais, D.Sc
Foreword by
Moti Nativ


התחברות לחברים




Bujinkan Israel Shiki dojo - Shihan Moti Nativ


Shihan Sveneric Bogsater

of Bujinkan Holland

June 14-16 2012
For assistance or questions, please contact:
Ronen Amity
+972-54-460 3749

Take the opportunity to combine the
Tai Kai with a short vacation in Israel.
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Bujinkan Israel Shiki Dojo is honored to host a prominent European instructor, Shihan Sveneric Bogsater of Bujinkan Holland for a joint seminar with Shihan Moti Nativ.
Those of us who followed Shihan Moti Nativ’s international activities probably noticed the fruitful collaboration he has with Shihan Sveneric Bogsater over the years. However this is the first time this collaboration is taking place in Israel.

The 2011 Israel Tai Kai with Shihan Pedro Fleitas Gonzalez of Bujinkan Spain, gathered more than 150 trainees. We hope this event will be even bigger and we invite you join this unique and exciting opportunity.

Soke Hatsumi, at the age of 82, still amazes us with his knowledge and abilities as a martial artist, and presents us with new challenges. The annual theme he pronounced, reveals additional aspects, raises questions and encourages investigative learning of Budo - Taijutsu.

Following significant themes in previous years, this annual theme is: Jinryû no Kaname wo Mamoru. (Free translation: the spirit of the dragon that protects the Budo - Taijutsu's foundations).

This year I invited Shihan Sveneric Bogsater from the Netherlands, to cooperate with me in the Tel Aviv Tai Kai.

Svenerikc is a senior student of Hatsumi Sensei and we are both teaching in Tai Kai events all over Europe.
In trainings of Sveneric and I at the Hombu-dojo, we had the opportunity to experience the Japanese Shihans and Hatsumi sensei express ideas and different aspects of the annual theme.

In the Tai Kai, Sveneric and I will deal with the annual theme of KANAME (essential pivot points) with an emphasis on Ura and Umote in various levels.

We will share with you all of what we were able to learn and understand in our meetings in Japan and around the world. We will transfer the knowledge through Kihon Hapo (continuing from last year) and other elements of Taijutsu, combining the sword and other weapons.

I hope to meet you all in the Tai Kai,

With respect,

Moti Nativ.

Hatsumi sensei's gift to Bujinkan Shiki Dojo
for the upcoming Tai Kai

About Shihan Sveneric Bogsater, Judan Kugyo
Sveneric has been Hatsumi sensei's student for many years and he often travels to Japan to study. He teaches all over the world and was one of the four guarantors of true Bujinkan in Europe, known as Shi no Tenno.

Shihan Sveneric Bogsater participated in many Tai-kais with Hatsumi sensei. He is also an author of three books in which he shares his knowledge acquired by studying Bujinkan Dojo and the basics of Asayama Ichiden Ryu.

Sveneric, as he usually does, will teach with very sincere precise style, emphasizing correct movements and training attitude.

About Shihan Moti Nativ, Judan Kugyo
Moti Nativ, is the founder of the Israeli Bujinkan Shiki Dojo.
He began studying Martial Arts in 1966. He is proficient in Budo Taijutsu, Judo, and Krav Maga.

In 1975 he entered the door of Bujinkan Dojo. 
Moti has focused on the traditional kata of the Bujinkan Schools, analyzing the ancient techniques and performing the Shingen gata. Since 1995 he leads trainings for Budo Taijutsu certified instructors, in cooperation with the International Budo Academy.

He is a certified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method, and served as the president of the Israeli Feldenkrais Guild.

Moti teaches workshops on ‘The Synergy of Martial Arts and the Feldenkrais Method’ all over the world. He has also developed a unique course, ‘Improving Warrior Ability’, which aims to provide Martial Arts instructors with effective training techniques based on the Feldenkrais Method.


Training Schedule

Thursday - 14.6.2012 - 19:30-22:30
Friday - 15.6.2012 - 10:00-16:00
Saturday - 16.6.2012 - 10:00-16:00
Beit Dani Sports Center
Kabir Street, Tel Aviv - Israel
(Within 7 minutes walking distance from Ha’ Hagana Train Station, or 12 minutes walk from the Tel Aviv New Central Bus Station)
If registered before May. 14th - 110 $USD / 80 EUR / 410 NIS
From May. 14th to Jun. 7th - 120 $USD / 90 EUR / 460 NIS
After Jun. 7th- 130 $USD / 100 EUR / 510 NIS
*Bujinkan members holding a valid 2012 membership card are entitled for a 10 $USD / 8 EUR / 40 NIS discount

Friday evening after training, we plan to host a party.  There will be an extra fee involved to cover the expenses.  Participation is completely voluntary. Details will be sent to all registrants by email and you will be asked if you want to participate.

Tai Kai-shirts:
Each participant will receive one free shirt. If you wish to order additional shirts, you may add your order on the registration form or send us an email no later than - July 6 - 2012.
Pre-orderd shirts will be sold at 40 NIS/ 10 USD/ 8 EUR per shirt
If we will have extra shirts in stock, we will offer them in the Tai Kai at 50 NIS/ 13 USD/ 10 EUR per shirt.
In the event of us running out of stock, we will provide the service of shipping the shirts to you (you may pay 50 NIS/ 13 USD/ 10 EUR plus the cost of shipping the shirt by mail.)The shirt design will be published soon.

How to get to the Tai Kai:
The Tai Kai will take place in Bait Dani.  The easiest way to get there by car is to get out of Ayalon Highways at La Guardia Interchange to the east, travel at La Guardia street and on the first traffic light  turn right to Sderot Hama'apilim St.. From there follow the green signs to  "Duhl ".

 Tour Israel:

Tel Aviv Beaches



Rosh Hanikra

Behind the stadium, next to Beit Dani, there is a huge free parking lot. The signs will lead you there.

Photography policy:
You can take still photos but video clips are prohibited.
We document the Tai Kai in video and we may allow the purchase of copies in the near future.
If you take still photos, we will appreciate if you'll approach us at the end of each day and allow us to download copies of the photos taken.

Food and Drinks:
On Thursdays, we will provide a hot drink station free of charge.
Friday and Saturday, we will have a canteen. You can, of course, bring with you a snack for lunch.

What to bring:
Bring our regular training gear - weapons of all kinds but not sharp or dangerous weapons. Padded weapons are preferred.
You might want to bring some extra shirts, in case you sweat and wish to be refreshed.

Pay attention to the safety rules. Make sure you are ensuring the safety of your colleagues at every technique and every move, empty-handed and with weapons. We will not allow the use of metal weapons (except in demonstrations) and will encourage, as far as possible, the use of padded weapons. Please note that there will be many trainers around and that the training space may change at any moment.

Registration and organization:
Registration will begin on Thursday at 18:00 in the building called  "Beit Dani". The Tai Kai will open at 19:30.
Try to arrive early, according to your ability, so that everyone will have time to pay and prepare.
Use this time to meet friends you have not seen for a long time...
Friday and Saturday activities will take place at the big sports hall next to the "Beit Dani" building.
If you need help with transportation, please contact Ronen Amity
+972-54-460 3749
Registration rules:

Registration is available through this page only, by pressing the "REGISTER" button after filling the below form.
Please allow up to 72 hrs for confirmation notice.
Please contact us if you did not receive a registration confirmation.

Canceling a registration:
Before may 14th - cancellation is free of charge.
After May 15th, there will be a charge of 50 NIS/ 13 USD/ 10 EUR per registrant. (sent via mail)

One may find a replacement to avoid paying the cancellation fee.
To cancel, please contact via phone Eran Ben-Dor +972-52-342 9242

At the beginning of the Tai Kai, we receive cash or check. (No credit cards).

The organizers keep the right to change any detail of the Tai Kai. A notification of the changes will be sent to the registries via email!
We recommend that you not to attend the event without register in advance, even if the registration will be at the last moment, because we will not be able to update you in case of last minute changes.

Take the opportunity to combine the
Tai Kai with a short vacation in Israel.
For details: click here

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