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The Core Technique
for Practical
Unarmed Combat

By Moshe
Feldenkrais, D.Sc
Foreword by
Moti Nativ


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you are most welcome to contact
Shraga Parnes


Bujinkan Israel Shiki dojo - Moti Nativ



Hosting Pedro Fleitas Gonzalez



of Bujinkan Spain

September 15-17 2011

Details & Registration


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Tourist information
Dear Bujinkan friends,
We invite you to consider extending your Tai-Kai paticipation to an existing visit to Israel. The Tai-Kai will take place in Tel-Aviv, one of the most known cities in the world for its 24/7 action. As a small country, you can cover it all, from Rosh Hanikrah at the north, through Jerusalem and the dead see at east, going down to Eilat and the red sea and up to the center again, to Tel-Aviv.
As for the Tai-Kai itself, it will take place at the big sports hall of "Beit Dani", Hatikva neighborhood, near the “Hagana” train station and the Tel-Aviv central bus station. Below you will find some information regarding quality accommodation in Tel-Aviv at reasonable prices. We have chosen accommodation as near as possible to the entertainment centers of the city, and close to the beach. Most recreation sites are located along the streets parallel to the sea, along Hayarkon Street (north of the American embassy building), and many bars and pubs can be found further to the north - near the Yarkon River and Yermiyahu Street area.
We can recommend the "Atlas hotel chain" (see more links below), which is a chain of affordable quality boutique hotels, located along the main entertainment areas of Tel-Aviv and near the beach.
Recommended hotels:
The cheapest:
Hostel "Hayarkon 48":
Intermediate price:
 "Cinema Hotel Tel Aviv" -. Dizengoff Square.
Highly recommended.
Address: 1 Zamenhoff Street, Tel Aviv.
[price conditions as above: $ 852 (2,900 NIS) 2 adults, in a DR. Which is 106.5 U.S. dollars per person per night (NIS 362) in DR]
Accessibility: Bus lines 174 and 175 of Egged bus company are located about 350 m' from the hotel. For the Tai-Kai you need to get off at 37th Haggana Street, which is located about 120 m' from the sports hall.
Accessibility: The hotel is located in the most central area in Tel - Aviv. Many bus lines passes by next to the hotel. Dan Lines:
- Bus Line number 5 - Dizengoff Street Station 5 (facing Dizengoff Center). Drive about 14 minutes to Central bus station.
- Bus Lines: 4, 204, 104 - station nearest the hotel is located on 67 Ben - Yehuda (corner of Frishman Street). Travel time about 13 minutes
"Tal Hotel ": 287 Hayarkon St. -  2 minutes from the beach. Very close to recreation.
[The above conditions price: 852 $ (2900 NIS) 2 adults, DR. It is 106.5 U.S. dollars per person per night DR (NIS 362)].
Getting there by bus from the Hagana St. (Dan lines):
Lines 104, 204
Most expensive:
Melody Hotel Tel Aviv - Highly recommended Http://
Price per night: 119 $ per person (about 404 NIS). 
All Prices are per person, in a double room (DR).
The hotel is located on Hayarkon Street 220, 2 minutes walk from the sea.

Accessibility: About 110 meters from the hotel there are bus stops (bus lines no. 204 and 4 of Dan company), to 50th Hagana Street, and then walking on about 110 m' to the Tai-Kai sports hall.
*Notice that there are no buses on Saturday. You can take a taxi, passing by the hotel or ask the hotel stuff to call one for you.
Fun in Tel – Aviv:
A site that contains a sample of what Tel Aviv can offer to you:
Sites and tourist attractions in Israel:
The Israeli Tourism Ministry website:



Bujinkan Israel Shiki Dojo is honored to host for  the first time in Israel a prominent European instructor, Shihan Pedro Fleitas for a joint seminar with Shihan Moti Nativ.

Those of us who followed Shihan Moti Nativ’s international activities probably noticed the fruitful collaboration he has with Shihan Pedro Fleitas over a few years. However this is the first time this collaboration is taking place in Israel.

This event presents a unique opportunity to experience the symbiotic relationship between teachers who carry a diverse teaching style and understanding of the art.

This Tai Kai is the first international event in Israel since the 1992 Tai Kai, in which Shihan Doron Navon hosted Sensai Masaaki Hatsumi.
We hope this event will be the first of many International events of this scope in Israel to follow.

About Shihan Pedro Fleitas Gonzalez, 15th Dan
If you have seen Pedro in action then he needs no introduction or explanation. If you haven't and you are interested in martial arts, budo, taijutsu or the Bujinkan then training with him is not to be missed. 
Pedro says, "My mission as instructor is to take on the work of teaching and expanding the martial arts that make up the Bujinkan. As such, my only objective when I'm invited to a city or country is to pass on my personal interpretation, according to my own experience, the teachings of the Bujinkan dojo, and Soke Hatsumi."

Some of Pedro's major achievements are:
Travelled to Japan more than 50 times to train personally with Soke Hatsumi and he has attended most international Taikais, being one of Soke’s favourite Uke. 
Awarded the Bujinkan Gold medal, December 1990. 
Written many martial art books, videos and appeared in Spanish magazines.
Canarie Islands Taikai organiser 1991 and 1992, co-organiser Barcelona Taikai 1997 and Argentina Taikai 1993. 
Instructed at more that 300 seminars in the last 10 years.
The dedication, practice and spirit Pedro exhibits along with a great sense of humour makes him one of the greatest exponents of the Bujinkan arts in the world.

Pedro can be contacted by email at or by visiting his site:

About Shihan Moti Nativ, 15th Dan

Moti Nativ has been involved in martial arts since 1966. 

In 1975 he entered the door of Bujinkan Dojo. 
Moti has focused on the traditional kata of the Bujinkan Schools, analyzing the ancient techniques and performing the Shingen gata (practical combat).

Moti is proficient in Budotaijutsu/Ninjutsu, Judo and Krav Maga. 

In 1994 he graduated Feldenkrais training (Jerusalem 1). 

He served four years as the president of the Israeli Feldenkrais guild, also presented Israel in the ETC (European Feldenkrais Training and accreditation board Councill) and IFF (International Feldenkrais Federation). 

Moti built a unique instructor course - Improving the Warrior Ability that aims to equipped martial art instructors with training techniques based on Feldenkrais method. 
Moti Nativ leads the Israeli Bujinkan Dojo. 




Pedro and Moti will teach in the context of 2011 theme - "The blooming of Kihon Happo":

1. Emphasizing the powerful Kihon Happo Taijutsu.

2. Kihon Happo and the use of wooden weapons.

3. Gyokoryu, Kotoryu, Kukishinryu through Kihon Happo kata, toward awareness (Shiki) level.

Training  Schedule

Thursday - 9.15.2011  -  19:00-22:00
Friday - 9.16.2011  -  10:00-16:00
Saturday - 9.17.2011  -  10:00-16:00

Beit Dani Sports Center
Kabir Street, Tel Aviv - Israel
(Within 7 minutes walking distance from Ha’ Hagana Train Station, or 12 minutes walk from the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station)

For people registering by Aug. 15th - 110 $US / 80 Eu / 380 Nis
For people registering by Sep. 8th - 125 $US / 90 Eu / 430 Nis
For people registering thereafter - 140 $US / 100 Eu / 480 Nis
*Bujinkan members holding a valid 2011 membership card are entitled for a 15 $us / 10 Eu / 40 Nis discount

For assistance and questions -
you are most welcome to contact:
Shraga Parnes


Registration rules:
Registration through this web site only, by pressing the "REGISTER" button after filling and sending the form below.
Please allow up to 72 hrs for confirmation notice.
Please contact us if we didn't reply to confirm your registration.
Payment in cash only on the day of the event.
All details regarding the event might change. Updates will be sent by email. Do not attempt to come without registering in advance or we will not be able to update you in case of changes.




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